Blog #2 – insights on Ambrosius’ design

By | July 11, 2018

Before the article actually starts: In case you already read Blog #1 about Valentine not being evil, sorry about how short it is. That article was made in a hurry so I could update the Menu bar with the “Blogs” tab. Also Valentine IS actually secretly evil, but just a bit (More info about this soon to be shown in chapter 3).

So, let’s talk about Ambrosius’ design and why it changed after chapter 2:

Ambrosius is the only character in the comic whose design has been changed several times during the “pre-comic” period. Literally every other character just kept their original design because I liked them (and laziness).

Due to writing reasons he always had black gloves and blue pants/shorts, so the only room for changes were his torso and head. First, he was a black haired boy wearing a black t-shirt.

Later, since Ambrosius was originally a shota version of The General Augusto Pinochet, I wanted to design a casual version of Pinochet’s uniform which became the actual design, but instead of white, it had different shades of gray (Like Cassandra’s uniform) and since the black hair looked off with that color scheme, it was changed to brown.

Has you might have noticed already, I like colorful images. So having the main character be a literal gray shading human wasn’t the best idea for my own tastes, so later when the comic was trying to have “pixel art” his shirt was changed to black with yellow and red details.

When I remade the “pixel” pages with normal lines, his shirt was changed to white to keep the consistency with the idea of him being a shota Pinochet. As far as I know, Pinochet didn’t have a black suit. On the other hand, I know as a matter of fact that his “summer” suit was white.


The extra page “Squat” is the last time his original design has golden buttons. This change was made to make it slightly easier to draw and because it looks better imo.

It’s also worth pointing out that originally Ambrosius was meant to have huge eyebrows, bigger than everybody else (As seen in the very first pages of the comic). I changed it very subtly to make it hard to notice exactly when they become the same size than everybody else. However, as of right now I seem to be making everbody’s eyebrowns bigger each time for some reason. I guess it’s just a natural cycle.

Then, a very good friend of mine made a t-shirt version of his shirt that I liked a LOT. It was used for the first time after chapter 1 ended, on “Extra #1 – Shopping” to be exact.

This design has a lot of pros compared to the previous one:

  • Shows more skin, making it easier to notice that Ambrosius is wearing gloves (I know some people who thought he had black hands back in the day).
  • It’s easier to draw.
  • It’s more casual.
  • Literally looks way better. FACT.

Sadly, this design literally has been used only FOUR times (when I wrote this), on “Extra #1 – Shopping”, “Penis inspection day #1”, “Christmas special: Santa’s toughest gift” and “Boy Love #4 – Ambrosius’ gift”, making it pretty much a “just use for extras” design.

And then there’s Ambrosius’ chapter 3 design. Since he’s slightly younger than in chapter 1, I made him wear shorts. A very good decision because I get to see his legs feelsgoodman.

His different eyes shape, hair, skin color, lack of gloves and cross necklace can’t be explained without a huge chapter 3 spoiler, so I won’t say anything lol.

Ambrosius is forced to wear those clothes due to his job as The General of the army. They are official “casual” clothes that help other soldiers to recognize him easily. When he’s on vacation (One day every year) he can wear the clothes he actually likes:

(From chapter 3 – #22 – Ambrosius’ Christmas 1°)

About his General suit, there’s not much to say other than it’s literally the same as Pinochet’s with small changes.

(From chapter 3 – #16 – Pinochet)

But before he became The General, he had to train hard like every other soldier! Sadly for him, back then the army was being run by disgusting communists.

(From Camiland #4 – Headshot!)


Since this comic has a timeline but it’s chapters and pages are asynchronous, I put pages on 3 categories to help me not get confused about when what I’m seeing is happening:

  1. Pre-chapter 1
  2. On-chapter 1
  3. Post-chapter 1

And to know what is Pre, On or Post all I have to do is look at which design Ambrosius has:

Keeping this in mind I can easily remember a few things. For example, the extra “Squat” was made and posted after chapter 2 and it’s extra story “Penis Inspection Day” ended, but it is actually happening on chapter 1 during that period of time where Valentine was stalking Ambrosius non-stop and made him so angry he hit him in the face.

The same can be said about the first 3 pages of “Goriland Boy Love”, those pages happen on chapter 1 before Valentine’s family dies and he goes to live with Ambrosius and his family. Page 4 happens after chapter 1.

And that’s all folks! Next blog will be about Ambrosius’ personality: What characters I used as reference to create him, his goals and why he seems to be a different person on Chapter 3 compared to all other chapters.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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