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Blog #4 – I’m still alive!

Hello everybody! Just wanted to add a small update for the 550+ guys who seem to check for an update every monday and got nothing this month. I will keep making the comic of course, so don’t worry! This was just a very weird month for me because I put all of my focus on… Read More »

Blog #3 – Ambrosius’ personality

As promised on Blog #2 (already several months ago), this time I’ll talk about Ambrosius as a character. Some people might not like him, some might like Valentine more, but one thing is objectively true: He’s the main character of Goriland (Might seem obvious, but I know some people who thought Valentine was the MC instead).… Read More »

Blog #2 – insights on Ambrosius’ design

Before the article actually starts: In case you already read Blog #1 about Valentine not being evil, sorry about how short it is. That article was made in a hurry so I could update the Menu bar with the “Blogs” tab. Also Valentine IS actually secretly evil, but just a bit (More info about this… Read More »